Large Christmas Wreath by Aleksandra

Enjoy the fragrance of a fresh Christmas Wreath by Aleksandra to adorn your front door, hang above your mantle, or simply lie down flat to decorate your Christmas table!

Each wreath is bespoke and different from the next, but all handmade with love. When your wreath arrives, you will see sculptural and lasting seasonal flowers and foliages selected from our local growers. Such as evergreen holly, pine cones, blue & green spruces, dried seaweed and driftwoods, fruits on the branch (pears, apples and crabapples), bromeliad flowers, dried native banksias, eucalyptus and hakea seed pods, succulents, orchids, olive foliages & twigs and cinnamon bundles in festive hues. 

Being freshly made, your wreath will drop its leaves and needles as it ages. However with general care and maintenance, your christmas wreath should last 1-2 weeks depending on our summer climate. For outdoor use, your wreath should be kept in a sheltered spot.
Aleksandra's large wreaths are approximately 55-75cm in diameter. 

On completion of your order we will contact you to co ordinate our complimentary delivery within the Sydney Metro between the 19th to 23rd of December 2016.

If you require delivery outside of these dates or have any other Christmas flower requests please contact us at  and we will endeavour to accommodate you.